Envirospectives®, Inc. web-based applications and databases help scientists, engineers, planners and other environmental professionals access and use information.

EnviroSites™, our social bookmarking tool, allows environmental professionals around the world to share online references. EnviroSites’ handy bookmark tool makes it easy to tag sites for future reference so professionals everywhere can search through thousands of pre-screened sites to quickly find the most relevant information. Customized EnviroSites™ applications bring the power of social bookmarking to specialized groups for even more focused searches.

Our EnviroLogue® database, currently under development, will further accelerate searches with a catalog of thousands of the most useful environmental planning documents and other useful information. At the heart of EnviroLogue® technology is a structured vocabulary of index terms and synonyms that lets users perform intuitive searches without sacrificing accuracy or efficiency.

Future products include our EnviroWriter™ report-writing program that automatically formats reports and stores key information for streamlined preparation and faster review. EnviroMiner™ indexing software will help professionals catalog existing reports with proprietary XML-based metadata tags accelerated by EnviroLocater™ GIS-based information search engine.

For more information about Envirospectives® products and services, please email us.